Perler Beads

Lyn decided she needed more forms for her perler bead projects.  She may have gotten the idea that she needed large square forms because she learned that my youngest now has perler beads and large square forms.  A quick run to the craft store satisfied Lyn and she spent hours Saturday night and Sunday morning working to fill one 6 inch square.

While she was working on this, she told Mom she wanted pictures taken and sent to me "so she can use them on what she does on the computer."
"You mean you want her to use them in the blog."
"Yeah, that."

When I spoke to Lyn yesterday, she told me that Mom had sent the pictures AND that the blog post was already written.  I told her I had received the pictures and that there would be a blog post.  She was pretty sure I didn't have to do anything because she had taken care of it by having Mom send the pictures.  She wasn't quite sure that Mom spoke truthfully when she assured Lyn that I have to write the post.

That's ok.  She made me giggle.


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