Continuing My Education

For the next month or two, my regular blogging may be a bit spotty.  Ok, that may is a bit of an understatement.  It will be spotty and we'll all get through it.

I'm working through a guided self-study course with the goal of a certification at the end for work.  I'll need to put in a couple of hours a couple of times each week to do the course justice.  As a result, my brain may just be too tired to blog at the end of the day.

Secretly, I've been considering taking courses towards a Masters degree for some time.  I've held off a number of times over the years due to concerns about parenting, finances or just the time commitment  while my husband was also dealing with classes for his own professional certifications.  I'm not getting younger and I think the time for delay is rapidly closing.  My kids are not toddlers who I have to chase after and the rest of my concerns have fallen into a state of resolution with the close of 2014.  Perhaps, with 2015, I should seriously move on this desire.  While I don't know that a Masters would do anything for me professionally, it wouldn't hurt and I'd be doing it for me.

Ultimately, I love learning.  I miss the days of college courses and the constant exploration into new concepts and thinking thinky thoughts.  Some of my professors changed how I view things and challenged my preconceived ideas.  While some of them have already passed, I can still remember how they'd push for me to make a connection between the theoretical and the practical.  I used to worry about the work for one in particular because he was such a tough and demanding instructor.  The semester I took two of his courses back to back and struggled to keep them apart was the best coursework I did.  The mixing up of the topics in my head is what led to greater learning for me that semester.  Those connections, when made, would make his eyes dance with delight.

So, for now, I'll start with this certification class before moving back into the bigger commitment of seeking another degree.  If you're really desperate for Alzheimer's news on any given day I don't post, there's plenty out there for your perusal.


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