A Doctor and an Spontaneous Visit

Lyn was back at the doctor's office yesterday.  She's now been diagnosed with a case of bronchitis.  A new prescription has been filled and she'll be seen again in a few days if she's not better.  This totally explains the lack of even her regular level of stamina and the cough.  She's not been observed to have a fever.

Yesterday's activities included a stop at a favored restaurant after the doctor's office where she and Mom had an unplanned meal with one of my childhood friends.  Mom and Lyn had been seated for only a minute or two when my friend walked in with her mother-in-law.  Seeing the line of waiting guests, they were about to leave when Mom caught their attention and waved them over.  The two ladies joined Mom and Lyn at their table, avoiding the wait or the need to go elsewhere.

Both families report to me that they had and enjoyable meal together.  I'm glad they had the chance encounter.  I'm sure it brightened the day for Mom and Lyn.  Both love visiting with friends and family.


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