Importance of a Routine

This weekend was a productive one for me.  I need up speaking with Lyn and Mom via Skype twice.

I had forgotten that Lyn was going out with her respite provider on Saturday, had finished the weekend errands and decided to see if they could Skype.  I knew I was planning to spend that majority of Sunday sewing and figured a Saturday call would work.  Lyn was out but Mom accepted the chance to chat.  When Lyn arrived back home, we were still chatting and decided to break so she could get settled before resuming the conversation.

When we hung up, I figured their Sunday plans and the completed video call would keep Lyn happy.  They went to Bosque del Apache early Sunday morning, breakfast burritos in hand.  (That's the best way to kick off a day's adventure if you ask me.)  On the way back from the Bosque, Lyn wilted and cried.  She was exhausted.  She's still not feeling great and over did it on Saturday.  She wanted to speak with me.  So, when the got home, Mom called to see if we could speak on Skype.

Lyn claims she knew we spoke the day before.  I'm not convinced but that really doesn't matter.  I turned off the sewing machine and logged into my account so we could have another conversation.  From Lyn's perspective, it was Sunday and we Skype on Sunday.  So, we did.

The routine is critical for her and I should anticipate similar requests in the future.  I even have Skype on my cell phone to accommodate her schedule needs.  Technology is honestly awesome and I'm so glad we have these tools at hand.


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