Hoping to Re-Evaluate

When Lyn was originally diagnosed, she went through a neuropsych eval.  It wasn't a positive experience and Lyn remembers that the person who performed the evaluation made her cry and Lyn didn't like her.  We had decided then that in a few years we may try to repeat the evacuation to see how she's progressed.  Lyn's doctor would like Lyn to undergo another neuropsych evaluation as well.    At this point, we don't think we're going to be successful in making that happen.

In late July, Lyn's doctor filled out the request form to request a neuropsych evaluation be performed by the clinic at UNMH who evaluated Lyn a couple of years ago.  After a long wait, we have heard back from them and the answer is that the "doctors have declined to to see this client."  No additional answer is provided and Lyn's physician has been unable to get a response either.

We suspected that Lyn would be declined by the university's hospital and reached out to a clinician recommended by Lyn's behavioral therapist who indicated this clinician "works with out population and does this testing."  We've submitted two requests because the first one disappeared.  There's crickets there too now.  Based off the amount of time which has passed and the fact that they are not returning any calls, we suspect that clinician is also declining to see her.

The challenge is that there are very few places to get an evaluation done.  Perhaps they are full.  Perhaps they have reviewed her file and determined that it is a moot point to re-evaluate her.  She has Alzheimers and we know she has the disease.  We know it is progressive and terminal so, why bother?

It is not a life or death situation.  We know she's declining.  We can see it.  However, I think her doctor is interested from a medical perspective to determine where she is in the course of the disease. We are as well.  It is disappointing but it won't change the course of her care or the outcome of her disease.


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