Daylight Savings

Daylight Savings Time must be something that someone thought was good at some point.  If you're looking to get one more hour of sunlight in the summer months after your work day has ended then, you get that.  However, the practice is not universal in our country much less the world.  For someone like Lyn, Daylight Savings Time is meaningless.

Lyn has been going to bed by 5pm lately.  Her summer peak of 6 or 7 pm has diminished with the reduced sunlight.  She's also sleeping 13 to 16 hours again.  She is much more tied to the clock than the rest of us.

With the time change, we had anticipated she would be ready for bed by 3:30 or 4pm.  She wasn't.  At 5, she was finished with dinner and was coloring but wan't ready for bed yet.  By 5:27, the sun was fully down and she was in bed asleep by 5:30.  She had more energy yesterday because she hadn't gone to day hab.

We'll see where she settles herself over the next few days.


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