Unintentional Slimming

Lyn lost three pounds between her recent visit with her doctor in which she was diagnosed with a sinus infection and her visit a week later when it was bronchitis.

She's not exercising regularly and not on a diet.  She's not eating much though.  She's often not hungry and really has very little interest in food anymore.  We've also noticed she's starting to complain of a stomach ache after she eats.  She can't smell.  She can't really taste as a result.  She doesn't get pleasure from eating and would probably forget to eat if Mom didn't prompt her.

The weight loss doesn't happen with each visit.  However, it is steady and pretty consistent.  She has not registered a weight game in over two years.  While she's been over-weight (as are we all) for some time, the weight loss isn't a great thing either.  It is another symptom of her disease progression.


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