I've had to laugh at myself a lot recently.

I call Mom multiple times a week.  Her phone number is programmed into my house phone as well as my ell phone.  I don't rely upon a speed dial code.  I have long been in the habit of dialing her number fully each time I call.  I don't know why.  I just do it.

Lately, when I dialed, I would have to hang up and dial again, stopping myself before the number was complete and connecting the call.  I realized that each time, I was dialing the number that was Grandma's for decades.  I would dial the area code and exchange and start on the last four digits when it would hit me that I was dialing the wrong number.

I have no idea why this number kept popping up.  Clearly, some connections between neurons were firing.  I told Mom about it and her response was "Don't tell me you've got it too!"  I don't.

It just fascinates me that we know so little about how our brains work.  Why was the number being dialed without me even thinking about it?  Why was I recalling my Grandparents' number?  What triggered that memory and maintained it for so many days?

In the past week, the number has stopped popping up for me.


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