Double Time Changes

I've been putting off this post but procrastination doesn't change the reality of the situation.  The changes are happening quickly right now.

She's forgetting more words.  She is definitely using common words but is struggling with longer words.  This weekend, she tripped over "accident."  The conversations with her have her searching for words and trying to cover but her covering is less refined that it was even this summer.

Her vocabulary is not only reducing but she has less mental flexibility for the words that others use.  If you use a preposition and you could have just used an adjective, she will correct you.  I think she's having a harder time breaking down the sentence with the prepositions.  For example, recently, Mom reminded Lyn her gloves were "in the pockets of your coat."  Lyn countered with "No.  They're in my coat pockets."

Mom is now having to set out clothes for Lyn most days.  There are days when Lyn will completely overlook the clothes Mom sets out and then is terribly confused in getting dressed.  She calls it "being in La-La Land" and she doesn't like it.  On the La-La Land days, she struggles to remember what to do next.  Mom will ask if she's made her bed and Lyn will respond with something along the lines of "No.  Should I?"  When Mom responds with "Yes", Lyn will wander off to her bedroom.  Mom gives it a few minutes and then goes to check on her.  Several times now, she finds Lyn just standing, staring at her bed without a clue of where to begin or what she's supposed to do.  Mom will prompt her with a reminder that she knows how to make her bed.  Currently, this approach stirs the brain and she's able to start moving again.  Once she starts, she's still able to make it and does a good job.

She still wants to put order to things.  It bothers her to see her beads out of order but she cannot manage sorting them much any more.  They're too small.  This weekend, she was unhappy that her crayons were "mixed up in the box (she) puts them in."  She tried to sort them but found all of the shades confusing even though she was doing a good job of sorting.  She gave that up and dumped them back into the box, still bothered they were mixed up.

She will wander from task to task, unsure of what to do.  Transitions are hard and when you don't have the mental stamina to stick with anything there's a lot of transitions in your day.


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