Sundowning Strongly

Last week, Mom had a meeting to attend in the evening for her Home Owners Association (HOA).  The quarterly meetings are held at the local police stations about 2 miles from the house.  Lyn has always gone with Mom even if the meeting is after dark.  She just takes a dose of her medication to try and keep the Sundowner's anxiety under control.

Last week's meeting was short.  They didn't have a quorum and couldn't get the business of the day resolved.  They did answer some questions posed by one of the community members who attended but were done in well under an hour.  Mom could tell Lyn was anxious to leave and they were quickly in the car on the way home.

Lyn didn't know where they were.  She didn't know the way home.  Lyn was so frightened she was shaking and sobbing as she demanded that they go straight home.  She didn't want Mom to stop anywhere.  Mom assured her they were going home but explained she had to stop.  Before Mom could say " the red lights", Lyn wailed "No!! Don't stop anywhere!"  Mom was able to convince Lyn that red light stops were required.

Lyn's getting more and more afraid of being out of the house after dark.


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