Michelle's Husband

A couple of months ago, Lyn saw President Obama on television.  Mom asked her if she knew who he was and Lyn delivered The Look at epic levels.  "He's Michelle Obama's husband."

Lyn's response tickled Mom.  She agreed.  Lyn was right.  Mom pointed out that he's also the President.  Lyn, of course, "knew that but he's Michelle's husband."  For whatever reason, his role as Michelle's husband was more important or memorable to Lyn than his role as President.

Mom wrote a quick note to the First Lady, hoping that she too would find it funny.  Mom's note explained a bit about Lyn and Nikka so that Mrs. Obama would have context for the note.

Yesterday, a large envelope was delivered to their door.  Inside, Mom found a personally written note from the First Lady.  Mrs. Obama mentioned Nikka in the note.  Lyn was very excited!  Mrs. Obama included a picture of herself with her dog Bo.  Lyn loves the picture but thinks "they should get a Pit."


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