Lyn went to the doctor this week for a 2 month follow up related to the addition of oxygen to her care.  Lyn is still sleeping a minimum of 10 to 12 hours and the physician is concerned.  It was expected that Lyn would go back to sleeping a more normal 8 hours at night.

During the exam, Lyn tried to stand up from where she was seated and couldn't.  The doctor caught the struggle and asked Lyn to just stay where she was while the doctor checked out her heart and lungs.  She commented that she was glad Lyn didn't smoke which elicited The Look from Lyn.  After that, the doctor asked Lyn to stand up and walk over to her.  She had moved to stand by the exam room door.  Lyn again struggled to stand and finally was able to force herself up.  The doctor closely watched her walk before asking Lyn to walk by putting one foot directly in front of the other as she returned to her seat.  Lyn understood the request, took two steps as requested and then switched to a played out gait.

According to the doctor, Lyn's gait has changed too much and there are indications that her leg muscles are starting to atrophy.  Physical therapy has been ordered.  The goal is to try and reduce the rate of muscle atrophy and to help Lyn loose some weight.  The doctor has also requested that a full set of fasting panels be run on Lyn within the month.  It is time to do her annual thyroid function test.  However, the physician wants to make sure there is not another new symptom of which they are unaware.

Mom's supportive of the physical therapy request and will start taking Lyn as soon as the first appointment is scheduled.  She was caught off guard by the muscle atrophy and wondered "What else am I missing?"

The next morning, Lyn asked Mom to wash her hair and Mom realized that Lyn's having difficulty positioning her head over the sink.  In order to rinse Lyn's hair without getting water rolling into her eyes, Mom now has to reposition Lyn's head.  She counted and learned she's only got about a 2 second window before Lyn moves her head back to the awkward position and Mom has to repeat the process.

So, in addition to her weekly bowling, Lyn will now be doing physical therapy.  She will also participate in an exercise class which is going to be starting at day hab.  Hopefully, all the activity will help.


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