Physical Therapy Evaluation

Lyn had her evaluation with the physical therapist today.  It went very well!  Mom writes:

"We got to the PT office and filled out the papers.  The therapist, an older lady, finally came for her.  I could tell Lyn took an instant like to the physical therapist.  Yea!

I followed them back to the gym and sat in a corner.  She asked Lyn to tell her history.  LOL, Lyn said "I don't know my history."  So, she began asking a few questions.  Lyn kind of answered and then I filled in the blanks.  She had Lyn do different "activities" such as walking, holding one leg up while holding on to a bar, lying down and to raise her leg up.  She couldn't get it too high without it hurting in the calf.  There was some stretching.  The therapist kept saying that Lyn's muscles are tight.  Lyn did her best to do what was asked of her.  The therapist was very patient.
She will see Lyn twice a week for four weeks.  We set it up for Wednesdays and Fridays.  Lyn's excited and I'm glad she is.  The physical therapist said if she can get her muscles to relax it will make a difference.  She will show me what I can do here at home."

I hope the physical therapy sessions continue to be a positive experience for Lyn.  It will be interesting to see if there's a change in her bowling scores as a result of the work they do.


  1. Glad things went well. I am always hoping for the very best for Lyn!! It really helps that she likes her PT!


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