No Day Hab Yesterday

Mom writes about yesterday:

"She didn't go to day hab today.  The doctor wanted fasting labs and Lyn had a dental appointment mid-morning.  I thought we'll do it all at one time.  Right after Mass we went to the lab.  The phlebotomist who draws her blood is so good.  Lyn doesn't even blink.  She uses a butterfly and gets blood from Lyn's wrist.  (It may be a little unorthodox, but it works for Lyn.)  

We got to dentist's 20 minutes early.  They were running early so we didn't have but a 5 minute wait.  When the tech came out to schedule the next one in September, she mentioned that Lyn was not as cooperative as usual.  She seemed "touchy" while there.  The dentist came out and asked how she was doing.  They are so very nice to her and me. 

I was concerned we would be charged a missed appointment fee if some morning she refused to keep the appointment.  He said "No, we know the situation which cannot be controlled.  It's not like you will forget, different scenario."  Whew.....

Then we went to lunch.  She said you'd be jealous because we went to Tim's Place.  So good.  The waiter said I could get a Kiddie burrito.  I wanted one but not as big as they usually are.  He said "it is a secret" they share.  LOL But I bet I heard 10 times how "My sister will be sorry she couldn't go with us."  She has been asking to stop at Michael's.  So, we did it after lunch.  She wants to do her stitchery again.  I hate doing it.  We stopped and she got 2 forms for place mats.  Right now she's sitting on the couch doing it.  She's making mistakes but there's no one here to point them out."

Lyn's becoming more obstinate.  If she refuses to see the dentist and if Mom is unable to bribe or redirect her, the appointment would have to be cancelled at the last moment.  Mom discussed this with the dentist today.  When I spoke with her in the evening, she expanded upon the topic.  The dentist is advising his staff that short notice cancellations from their dementia patients will not be charged missed appointment fees.  I think it is a great policy and a kindness.


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