Our grandfather was involved in Lyn's life.  He didn't always understand what was going on with her, but he tried.  He could be utterly charming when he wanted.  He was a skilled craftsman and a voracious reader.  He could engage with you in conversations about most topics.  He could be cantankerous and sometimes mean.  He didn't always know how to show love in a positive way.  However, I believe he loved his family despite being emotionally hobbled by his own childhood experiences.

Grandpa could always be counted on to attend our milestones.  He was at birthdays and First Communions.  He liked to see our report cards and would offer us a quarter for a report with good grades.  He never bought our arguments that we should get at least a dollar, preferably a dollar for each good grade.

He held Lyn to a different standard than the rest of us.  He was happy to give her attention, to sit with her while she watched tv or to show her that his favorite dog Lucy would sit all day for Lyn to rub.  If Lyn needed redirection or more intense supervision, he would send her in to Grandma if Mom wasn't around.  He didn't like to be tough with Lyn the way he could be with the rest of us.  I don't remember this being a sore spot, either.


  1. What a precious picture :-)

  2. It was a fun day. One of the girls came to sit by him and the other one wasn't to be outdone. I'm not naming names................ love them all

  3. LOL Guessing by the body language and devious grin... Well, I'm sure Lyn was the upstanding kiddo in this picture.

    1. In THIS picture...........


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