Extreme Love: Dementia

Every once in a while, country specific viewing privileges get in the way.  Case in point, Extreme Love: Dementia is a documentary presented by Louis Theroux, a British broadcaster as part of his Extreme Love series.  From the two articles I have read about the episode, I would very much like to watch it and share it with you.  Instead, I offer up the two articles and 3 dementia related videos I found in searching for this one.  Enjoy.

Louis Theroux on Dementia: The capital of the forgetful
Louis Theroux: Extreme Love - Dementia, BBC Two, review

The Mind 1 - Dealing with Dementia Alzheimer's and Coma
The Mind 2 - Dealing with Dementia and Aging
The Mind 3 - Dementia Alzheimer's and DNA Science


  1. Theroux has done a wonderful job with these articles. He is right on spot with presenting the reality. Had no idea where the capital of the forgetful was till reading this. It touched my heart.

  2. Thank you for the comment. I was intrigued by the articles and hope I can find the documentary for viewing in the US. I too had no idea where the capital of forgetful was. It makes sense. However, I initially would have guessed Florida.


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