Mom writes:
"We're sitting here watching tv when a commercial came on.  I have no idea what it was for.  For a brief moment, it showed a push lawn mower.  Lyn looked over and said "We used to have one."  I said, "Yes, when I was little Grandpa had one.  That's what we used on the side lawn."  Naturally, the hole in my head was showing.  She informed me that she never saw that one.  When we lived in Del Rey (a neighborhood), we had one to cut our grass.  I had totally forgotten that.  LOL She's right.  We did."

When I read this, I got to the point where Lyn said "We used to have one" and thought "Yep" because I immediately thought of the mower she's was remembering.  She was right.  It was very similar to the one pictured above.  I remember being afraid of it because the blades were exposed.  It made a sound that went snick-snick-snick as the blades passed along the back, cutting the grass.  It was heavy and unwieldy.  It may even have been the one Grandpa used on the side lawn.

Our yard wasn't much bigger than the one pictured above.  It was long and narrow.  It seemed to take forever to mow because of how difficult the mower was to use.  I'm sure our desire to do other things also made the lawn care more tedious than it really was.  

Lyn had to help scoop the dog poo.  Our brother had to use the mower.  I had to take the clippers and trim the grass in the chain link fence.  We did have a push edger to trim along the concrete path to the front door.  For the entire time we lived in the Del Ray neighborhood, we had that old push mower.  Finances were tight and the yard was small.  The situation didn't warrant a gas powered or electric mower.

I find it interesting what Lyn remembers and what sparks a memory in her.  


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