A Single Story

I came across a TEDTalks video yesterday titled "The Danger of a Single Story" by Chimamanda Adichie.  It has nothing to do with Alzheimer's Disease or any other form of dementia.  It, however, talks about the how our perception of people and places is dramatically impacted by the stories we carry with us and how limited we are if we have only one story.  Ms. Adichie's presentation resonated with me. 

I have linked it below for you.

There are a number of bloggers who write about their experiences with dementia either as an observer, a care giver or even as the individual who has the dementia.   Those are two that I follow.  However, if you search for "dementia blog" in the search engine of your choice, you will find many more.  Each story is a new story to expand our understanding of what is involved in dementia in its many forms.


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