This weekend Lyn and Mom were able to host two meals at their house and both were enjoyable and successful.

On Sunday, two ladies from their church came over for lunch.  On Monday, our Uncle and his family came over for brunch.  At both events, Lyn was relaxed and happy.  Each visit lasted about 3 hours and Lyn was engaged and helpful.  She did not end in tear either day.

So what made the difference between these two visits and previous ones?  Maybe her disease has progressed such that she won't react in tears?  Unlikely.  I think the difference was that both visits were so early in the day.  The earlier time meant she had more energy both physically and emotionally to deal with people in the house.

She needs constant observation and environmental adjustments in order to continue feeling secure and happy.  Perhaps this earlier approach to hosting visitors is just one of those adjustments.  If that's the price to be paid in order for her to remain content during a visit, then it is a small on and well worth it.


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