Celebrating Every Score

Every bowling score Lyn earns is celebrated.  It doesn't matter if it is a 95 or a 142.  Her average since we started charting her scores in August 2011 is 110 for her first game and 111 for her second.  So far for 2013, her average is 109 for her first game and 114 for her second.

When she gets home, Mom always exclaims her pride over Lyn's bowling scores.  If Lyn's unhappy with a low score, Mom tells her that it is a good score.  In the meantime, Nikka is sprinting around the house, spinning and trying to get Lyn's attention in her excitement that Lyn's home.  Fortunately, Nikka's a great distraction when the scores are low.  Lyn will sit down and the dog will try to climb in her lap.  By the time they've lavished each other with love, Lyn has moved on to other topics.

I know Lyn didn't want to get a dog when Mom said it was time to adopt.  However, Nikka is one of the best parts of Lyn's day.


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