Using Binoculars

When Mom and Lyn took their friend from Texas to the Bosque earlier this year, Mom took along the binoculars which once belonged to her father.  This allowed them to spot wildlife which was a distance from the paths or viewing platforms.

Lyn usually doesn't use them, but she did this visit.  She had an audience, after-all.  I've watched her use them before and I've often been unsure if she really was able to spot whatever we were trying to highlight for her.  Sometimes, she is able spot something.  When she does, she gets pretty excited.

It has never mattered one way or the other.  If she hasn't spotted what we say we see, she doesn't make a big issue about it.  I think it is another "Oh well" in her mind.

Note the double hoods in the picture.  She layered on a couple of hoodies to keep warm.  Chances are strong that she also had two shirts on as well.  She hates being cold.  You would think she lived in a colder climate than she does if you looked at her weekly laundry pile.


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