I wish, sometimes, that we could understand the minds and perceptions of the animals around us.  I have long believe that their stronger sense of smell and their observational focus on their environment allows them to clue in sometimes to somethings we are unable to fully piece together.

We have previously noted that Nikka is particularly focused on Lyn.  She decided Lyn was her person the day that Mom made Lyn accompany her to a dog adoption event in the hopes of finding Mom a new dog.  We've also observed when Lyn seems "off" that Nikka positions herself more closely to her. We are starting to think there's a pattern in play and we'll be taking closer notes of both of their behaviors going forward.  Here's why...

If you recall, Lyn's complained of a particular point on her scalp, saying it is very painful.  The doctor's found nothing upon examination.  However, we suspect that something more than just a simple headache is in play.  We're starting to think that the painful spot complaint precedes an "off" day.   She complained of this spot again on Saturday.  On Sunday, she was off and cried more than once during the day.  We now wonder if these two things are connected.

So, how does Nikka factor in here?  She was preoccupied on Sunday, shadowing Lyn more than she has ever done.  She cried when Lyn went to take a bath.  Afterwards, she spun a couple of 560's and got Lyn to laugh just before she launched herself into Lyn's lap.  Lyn was sitting on the couch, tears rolling down her cheeks.  Nikka's not allowed on the furniture but Lyn did nothing to get her down.  When Mom asked what they were doing, Lyn told Mom that Nikka needed attention as she put her arm around the dog.  Nikka curled up and put her head in Lyn's lap.  For the rest of the night, if Lyn was up, Nikka kept in physical contact with her.  Mom decided to not fight it.

When Lyn went to bed at 6:15, the dog followed and would have gotten on the bed if Mom hadn't stopped her.  It took four attempts to get Nikka to come out of Lyn's room.  She didn't want to leave Lyn.  Upon returning to the living room, Nikka didn't attempt to get back on the couch.  She did, however, keep going back to check on Lyn.  

On Monday, Lyn was still off and Nikka was still in near constant physical contact.  In the evening, Nikka again was up on the couch with her and followed her to the bathroom.  Mom has decided to not interfere with whatever is going on and triggering Nikka to become more protective of Lyn.  Instead, we'll continue to observe and see if the head pains really do precede an off day for Lyn and a more protective day from Nikka.

If only we could understand what her senses are telling her...


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