Contemplating the Need for Meds

Mom writes:

The past 2.5 weeks has been a real trial.  Her mood has been argumentative and hateful at times.  It seems that regardless of what I said or did, in her eyes, I was wrong.  I know it's the disease that caused this change but it didn't make it easier.  I have to admit I surprised myself at how I reacted each time.  I would thank her for pointing something out.  I would reply that I didn't realize whatever the problem was.  The entire time I would try to take a deep breath and change the subject because often redirection will help.  LOL, but not always.

A perfect example of what I'm talking about happened Monday morning.  She was working with her speech therapist, trying to tell her about the weekend.  A lady I went to high school with was in town and came here to dinner.  I decided to fix spaghetti for dinner.  I thought it'd be "safe" since it's one of Lyn's favorite meals, easy to fix and something I've done thousands of times since living in Italy.  It smelled wonderful and I thought tasted as it should.  Well, Monday I was told "not to put that stuff in it again."  The tone of voice was hateful.  I asked if she meant the bay leaf.  "No, that other stuff."  I began to name the "stuff" in the sauce.  When I said "tomato paste" the reaction was one for the books.  "Yes, that.  Never use it again because it tasted terrible."  Poor speech therapist looked shocked.  I told Lyn that I didn't have any more paste in the pantry so she could relax and change her tone of voice.

I know the time will come, perhaps sooner than later, that we will have to use medication to curb this behavior.  As the brain dies, she will not be able to filter negative behavior.  I do not think this is the time to put her on the meds but it is time to discuss it with her medical provider.  I happen to have an appointment next week for myself and I'll ask her about it.  When, not if, the arguments get to the point of being all day, every day, she will go on medication.
Drugs are good, either for her or me.


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