Skype Tears

Yesterday, Lyn burst into tears during our Skype conversation.  There was no obvious trigger.  However, I could tell she was off the whole conversation.

We quickly disconnected and Mom went to console her.  Lyn didn't know why she was upset.  "My brain was doing weird things and I don't know why."  She couldn't tell Mom was her brain was doing. This was not the first time she was in tears on Sunday either.

Earlier in the day, she wanted to make a picture for her former manager at Wendy's.  She couldn't decide on which paper to use.  Mom helped her figure that out.  Then she didn't know what do draw.  Mom suggested flowers so she traced a cookie cutter.  Then she didn't know what else to put on it.  Mom suggested she use one of her stamps.  "Yeah that will work."  Mom then came back in the living room.  Lyn came down the hall about two minutes later in tears saying "I don't know what else to do."  

She spent the day two feet from Mom, spoke loudly and quickly without much in the way of connected thoughts.  Mom's getting good at "understanding" what Lyn says or guessing what she needs quite well.  This type of behavior is exhausting but also typical for Alzheimer's.


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