Planning Ahead

Now, you didn't think that my thoughts yesterday were just random and unprovoked did you?  Of course not.  Mom and I have had several conversations over the past year trying to plan ahead for Lyn's needs.  One of those needs are her final needs, her funeral arrangements.  After she was diagnosed with hypoxia at night, we realized that she could pass suddenly.

The funeral will be in the church where they attend Mass.  It is the church where my parents were married and where my grandparents were members.

Lyn's obituary is written already.  It is short and will be posted here when the time is necessary.  Both Mom and I have copies of it.

We have agreed that she will be cremated.  We still need to decide where her cremains will be interred or scattered.  We have, however, agree that she'll be cremated in the same manner as Grandma.  Bear with me a moment.

When Grandma passed, we found that there were two details she left undecided upon when she made her funeral arrangements.  She did not select the container for her cremains nor the container to hold her body during the cremation.  Each state is a little different.  In New Mexico, the body that is to be cremated must be placed in a state approved container which is burnt with the body.  The state has approved coffins for this purpose.  The state has also approved a six-foot long cardboard box.  When Grandma passed, Mom couldn't understand the point of buying an expensive or highly decorative coffin just to burn it to ashes.  So, the cardboard box was selected.

Mom and I now joke about cardboard as a funerary choice.  I've promised to save a wardrobe box for her turn.  We both figure that if it was good enough for Grandma, it is good enough.  I know it is a grim subject to joke about, but I could save a collection of quality shoe boxes for her if she would prefer.



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