Figured It Out

Lyn's figured it out and Mom's in trouble.

Lyn wanted Mom to fix hamburger macaroni for supper.  It is essentially the same as spaghetti except you use elbow noodles instead of spaghetti noodles.  No, not hamburger helper.  That boxed stuff is gross.

Mom made more than was necessary for dinner because she was planning to send some with Lyn to day hab.  When they were done eating, Mom asked Lyn if she wanted to put some in her container for lunch.  The Look was flashed across the room.  Lyn responded "NO!  I figured it out.  You want me to have left-overs for lunch.  You know I don't like left-overs so just fix me a sandwich."

It worked for a while and Lyn hadn't realized she was having left-overs for lunch for about a year.  She's right, though.  Mom was sending left-overs and Lyn's not having it any longer.

Back to sandwiches it is, then.


  1. Heh. I would much rather have leftovers for lunch than a sandwich. To each her own, though! I would definitely not be pleased if someone was planning to send me a sandwich for lunch instead of leftover pasta!


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