Mom's Mantra

Mom has a new mantra.  "I know it's the disease.  I know it's the disease.  I know it's the disease."

She says it to distract herself from being short with Lyn because Lyn has become argumentative over everything and seeks to correct Mom many times each day.  For example, the news showed footage of a new theater being built.  Mom commented that it was a theater before the reporter began the story.  Lyn countered that it was a new casino.  When the reporter stated it was a theater, Lyn's reasction was "Harrumph.  I'm going to take a bath."   This has been going on for about two weeks and I've seen it during our Skype conversations.

Unfortunately, this is a fairly common behavior resulting from Alzheimer's.  Most care giving advice says to not argue with her, to just play along, to live in her universe because she really doesn't live in ours much anymore.

It is frustrating and tiring for all involved, including Lyn.  For Mom, it is tiring because she is constantly being told she's wrong and treated as though she's an idiot.  For Lyn, it is tiring because she seems to feel that she has to always be right and be on guard for whatever is requires correction.

This behavior really isn't Lyn.  It is the disease.


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