Day of Attitude

Yesterday, Lyn was full of attitude.  She was ready for a fight.  I could hear it in her voice when I called to check up on her and Mom.  Apparently, the attitude had been there all day.  She was demanding and agitated even at day hab.  The staff had to let Mom know of Lyn's rude behavior.

The theory of the day was that she was agitated and worried because there's a major winter storm heading their way and she's afraid she won't be able to bowl this afternoon.  That's just a theory.  She's not yet gotten into anyone's face or yelled at another person.  So, the plan is to keep tabs on her and see if her attitude clears with the weather.

By the time the storm is over, if her attitude has not improved, we'll have to look at other options to help her manage her emotions.  It may not be the weather after all.  It may be the dementia and its aggression.


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