Traditionally, the people of New Mexico complete their Christmas decorations on Christmas Eve.  While they may have had lights up or even lawn decorations for days before, the decorations are not complete until the luminarias are set up and lit for the night.

Mom has never decorated the outside of the house using lights.  However, luminarias have been as much a part of my family's traditions as any other.  Lunimarias were put in front of my Grandparents' home, in front of Mom's and, occasionally, in front of mine.

Lyn's been a regular participant in getting them set up.  Over the years, she's helped fold the opening of the bag down to give it a bit more strength.  She's helped fill the bags with sand and set a tea light in each one.  On Christmas morning after gifts have been unwrapped, she even helps with the clean up.

May your holiday be filled with love and light.


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