Family Visit

Friday was Mom's birthday.  My youngest just couldn't get over her age and kept saying it through out the entire day like it was some novel number never previously considered.  Prior to their visit here, I asked Mom how she wanted to spend her birthday.  She said that all she wanted was to have her kids together.

It has been years since the three of us were together in one place.  We got the message, however, and were able to pull it off.

Lyn helped by making a card for Mom which said "Happy Happy Birthday."  It had a rainbow and a flower on it.  Lyn insisted everyone sign it.  She made it Thursday afternoon after dinner when Mom had slipped upstairs to sleep off a bit of the food coma.

On Friday morning, Lyn and I went out to pick up a cake from my favorite local bakery.  The cashier behind the counter was new and asked if we needed cake with our Thanksgiving left-overs or if there was a birthday.  We assured him that a birthday was involved.  He clearly wasn't sure what to do when he heard the lady behind us selecting two cakes.

My brother and his child arrived after we got back with the cake.  The kids all played together well and helped us sing Happy Birthday to Grandma after Aunt Lyn brought her card around for us all to sign.  Mom and Lyn were both relaxed and happy.

After lunch and cake, the visit continued until my brother had to head back South in time to get to work for the night.   Lyn was happy until the party broke up.  Even though she knew they had to go, she broke down and cried.  Mom wanted to go out to dinner and so we went for an early dinner.

Lyn was a bit withdrawn until we got to the restaurant.  Once there, her social nature kicked in and she perked up a bit, turning around and looking at everything as though it were all new.  (To her, I am sure it was.)  Each time she turned to look behind her, a waiter would hustle over to see if she needed anything and we had to keep assuring the staff that we were fine and she was just curious.  She just beamed when we encountered some long-time friends who happened to come to the same restaurant for dinner.  Once in the car, she withdrew again and was asleep before we got home.

Ah well… It was a good day and Mom was pleased with how her birthday went.


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