Yes He Is

I spoke with Lyn last night to see how her day went.  She was very excited about the video message from Santa.

Mom had shown it to Lyn early in the morning.  She watched it twice before making her bed.  As I suspected, she held her breath and sat at the edge of her seat.  She was amazed that he had her picture.  She told me he had a machine which said she was on the good list.  She knows the machine is right.  She said that lots of people from the North Pole were in the video.  "There were lots of boys and girls in it eating popcorn."  I think this is the first time she didn't realize they were elves.

Most of all, she was flattered that he "said I look good in my new glasses!"
"Well, he's right!"
"YES He IS!"  She was so emphatic, stressing each word.  I couldn't help but laugh.

Well done, PNP.  Well done!


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