Decorating Doesn't Make Sense

Each year for Christmas, Mom enjoys decorating her home for the holiday.  She sets up a tree, a couple of nativities and just a few Santas.  This year, I think she only put up about 63 Santas.

In order to get the decorations down from their upper shelf storage in the garage, Mom benefits from a little help.  She climbs the ladder and asks Lyn to take what is passed down.  Mom writes:

     I had struggled to get the tree box up on the top shelf in the garage and didn't want to get it
     down without help.  So I had her help me.  She couldn't understand that I wanted her to "catch"
     one end so it didn't fall.  Well, it got down with much direction.  

     Then I thought she could help put Santas up on the plant shelf.  I didn't put them up last year.  

     So, as I brought the ladder in I tried telling her what I wanted.  I would get the pottery down, hand
     it to her to put on the island.  She said "OK" but had the blank look in her eyes.  Then it dawned
     on her as I got up the ladder and reached for the first piece.  "You should just leave them there.
     No one will know."  

Lyn eventually was able to help Mom move the pots from the shelf to the kitchen island.  She wasn't happy about it, but she did cooperate.  Lyn did make it clear that she would have nothing to do with decorating the tree.  She told Mom that Mom does it better and decorating is just too frustrating now.  She's probably right.


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