Turned Out OK

After my conversational misstep, Mom and Lyn were hosting the staff from day hab for some posole and Christmas cookies.  Fortunately, Lyn's mood improved quite a bit and she took on the role of hostess for their guests.  Mom writes:

Wish you could have seen your sister yesterday.  A few minutes after 1, she wanted to know if she "should go out on the sidewalk" since no one had arrived.  About 2 pm, a couple of folks arrived.  We ended up with 15 guests spread over the afternoon, all from day-hab.  The client and staff who live at the other end of the neighborhood showed up.

Lyn greeted each person as them came in and ushered them to the food.  She kept tabs on who might need more of whatever they had.  There were 2 clients, not as high functioning as she is and she was a mother hen.  It was so good to see her like this.  She circulated, chatted, pushed food and, was smiling.  As they left she thanked them for coming, walked them to the door.  I'm not sure why I was here.

Two ladies came about 3 pm when it was calming down.  She kept saying that one more guest must have gotten lost.  I assured her that they would arrive soon.  They got here and soon it was just the two of them and the two of us.
I could tell that Lyn was tired.  She had been cleaning things up, throwing plates away and glancing at the clock.  She came and stood next to me and I put my arm around her.  She bent down and whispered to me "they need to leave."  I wanted to burst out laughing but suggested she go take a bath.  "No, we still have company."  So she sat back down.  They did get up to leave a few min later and we walked them to the door.

As they left she did "scold" me for keeping them till after dark.  I said it was ok.  She asked if she "should" help me clean up.  I said she had done a lot of work and should go bathe.  Relief flooded her face.  I was almost done when she finished.  She went to bed at 8 and was snoring by 8:05.  

It was a good day.  I'm glad I did it and she was more help than she's ever been.


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