Santa's Message

Each year since I learned about the Portable North Pole, I've used their service to send a personalized message to Lyn.  She LOVES it!

The site allows me to select from predefined message options to tailor the message to her.  It may seem a little stilted at points but she won't mind.  Santa will say her name and she'll see her picture.  She'll sit with her nose close to the computer and hold her breath as she watches with every fiber of her being.

I created this year's message for her over a week ago but there were problems with the site this year.  I was getting worried that she wouldn't get her message from Santa this year.  Fortunately, it appears they have finally gotten the issues resolved and we can now watch the video.



  1. What a way for her to start her day!!! Thank you. I have tears in my eyes watching her.


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