Ringing in 2014

Lyn does not ring in the New Year.

For her, it will be a quiet day with perhaps an errand or lunch out with Mom.  If she says up late, it will be because she's more nervous about hearing gun shots or fireworks than any other reason.  However, if she starts to fold up early, Mom may be able to convince her to go to sleep before the New Year's maybe begins around them.  She folded up night before last at 5:30.  So, it is entirely possible that she'll be deep asleep beforehand.

Nights like this are hard on Alzheimer's patients because they do not understand what the sounds are or from where they originate.  This leads to fear and confusion.  However, the New Year's transition can be an opportunity to help the individual spark strong long-term memories if favored music or movies from their earlier years may help them enjoy the day.

If you spend the New Year's holiday reminiscing with friends, lifting a glass of bubbly or quietly at home, may the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014 be a time of happiness and peace for you.

Happy New Year.


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