I Made a Mistake

I made a mistake while speaking with Mom and Lyn via Skype this weekend.  I vented and I shouldn't have done that.

It was a tough week and my eldest child's behavior this weekend was just the capper.  I know I can speak freely to Mom and she was providing an understanding ear while I let off a little steam.  Unfortunately, Lyn took it personally.  She understood I was mad by my tone of voice and my body language.  She didn't follow the train of the conversation and thought I was mad at her.  She got up, went into the other room and started crying.

Mom went to calm Lyn down, assuring her that no one was mad at her.  She convinced Lyn to come back.  As soon as she sat down, I apologized for upsetting her.  I assured her that I wasn't mad at her.

Listening to me apologize for upsetting her
Mom and I quickly changed the subject to focus back on Lyn.  I asked her about her day out with her respite provider yesterday and then got her to tell me about the Christmas dance she attended Friday night.  That got her animated and happy again.

She was excited because she was called up to dance with Santa at one point.  She was the only one to dance with Santa.  I asked her if Mrs. Claus knew that Santa danced with her.  "No!  Mrs. Claus was at the North Pole!" I repeated that back to her and she followed up with "Santa can tell her I danced with him.  I don't mind."

Lesson learned; positive topics only when Lyn can hear the conversation.


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