A Month Ago

Lyn took some time yesterday evening to look through some of her photo albums.  She wanted to show me a picture of her current boyfriend.

As she was flipping from page to page, she announced that she didn't want some of the pictures anymore.  They were pictures of her Special Olympics team celebrating their ribbons and medals after competition years ago.  I offered to take the pictures for the blog if she didn't want them anymore.  When she set them on the table next to me, she explained that they were taken "way more than a month ago."

The "month ago" phrase has popped up a lot during our visit.  Lyn no longer has the ability to remember how long ago an event occurred.  She resorts to saying "about a month ago" or "more than a month ago" when she's unsure of the timing.  This was highlighted for us in an unexpected way on the way home from dinner Monday night.

As we drove home, she had finished a repitition of her drive home mantra when she stated "That woman who taught me to tie my shoes about a month back... I don't remember her name."  Mom responded with "You called her Nana."  I could tell from Mom's voice that she was startled and I whispered to her "How old was she then?"

Lyn was remembering a time when she was 8 years old but to her it was only a month ago.


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