Introducing Herself

Lyn is completely unafraid to introduce herself to someone, particularly if she perceives them to be a person of authority.  She'll stop police officers and firemen to thank them for their service.  When we were with her last week, we visited a local restaurant for breakfast and two officers were gracious recipients of a few minutes of her attention as we waited to be seated.

On Saturday, Mom and Lyn had to run some errands and stopped at a local pizza place for a couple of slices while they were out.  It was early and they were the only customers when they entered.  As they waited for their order to be delivered to the table, another party entered and sat down.  It was Governor Susana Martinez, two aids and a State police officer.  Lyn recognized her and said "I saw her at the mall about a month back."  Mom explained who was at the table.  Lyn expressed a desire to thank the Governor for her service.

Mom asked the waitress if she could get permission for Lyn to go say "Hello."  The waitress was very helpful.  She made the inquiry with the Governor and escorted Lyn over when the Governor quickly replied to "Bring her over."  Lyn was able to introduce herself and chat with the Governor for a couple of minutes.  The Governor gave her a hug and Lyn came back smiling from ear to ear.  Upon returning to the table, Lyn announced to Mom "I told her I am special and have Alzheimer's so she hugged me!"

The hug doesn't surprise me.  Governor Martinez was not just greeting a constituent on Saturday.  I suspect she quickly understood Lyn.  Governor Martinez has an older sister, Lettie, who has special needs.  Lettie lives with the Governor who has been an active part of her care since their childhood.  Lettie has competed in Special Olympics and Governor Martinez has cheered her on as I have for Lyn.


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