Unplugged and Instructed

We keep Mom up and running with a laptop.  It is a retired corporate item which is slicked and refurbished before we get her set up with it.  Every few years, we replace it with a newer refurbished item.  When we were there earlier this month, we took her another laptop to replace one that she's had for at least 3 years.  It worked great for a week after our departure and then it failed.  As a result, Mom's forceably unplugged until she receives the older one which was brought back with us.

Mom's gone through a bit of withdrawal and Lyn's on a tear about the computer problems being Mom's fault.  Lyn told Mom that my husband had gotten the computer set up right and that Mom needed to just follow his instructions on how to handle it.  Mom clearly had it plugged in wrong.  Lyn stridently insisted that it get unplugged and plugged back in properly.  Mom unplugged everything in front of Lyn and plugged it back in.  The computer didn't turn on despite these efforts.  Lyn's response was just "Oh."

Lyn's not limiting her instructions to Mom to computer issues.  Mom had sneezed and Lyn came quickly out of her room to teach Mom the proper way to sneeze.  Mom listened to Lyn's instructions and was able to confirm that she had followed proper procedure.  Lyn was not convinced.


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