Little One

My little one is excited that we'll soon be visiting Grandma and Aunt Lyn.  The child knows that Aunt Lyn's brain is changing but it is currently hard to know just how much is understood.  It is going to be interesting to watch them together.

My child is loving and gentle.  However, kiddo tries to be a bit controlling at times.  Aunt Lyn is great with kids and is happy to play with them.  However, she's used to being the center of attention and is also a bit controlling.  Hopefully, she will be in a charming mood and not in an argumentative mood like she was yesterday and they'll get along.

My child's name mostly escapes Lyn these days and she uses "Little One" to refer to the child more often than not.  Perhaps, while we're there, our constant use of the child's name will help her recall it more easily.  We'll see what happens and how the two interact.


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