The Secret Weapon

I spoke with Mom and Lyn last night.  Lyn was in a contentious mood.  She was on Sunday and Monday as well.  She's looking forward to our visit but she's also growing increasingly argumentative.  Are they connected?  I don't know.  It really doesn't matter.

We expect that Lyn will be fractious while we visit.  Our job is to redirect, distract and amuse.  Our job is to run interference for Mom and let her have a bit of a break.  I know how to play along with Lyn.  My husband is extremely patient and unflappable.

Actually, he's sort of the secret weapon in this because if he says so, then it must be in Lyn's eyes.  For example, we have a couple of places we want to visit while out there and Lyn's started to balk at the thought of going.  She knows the drive to the location will take us out of town and is anxious that we won't be home early enough in the day.  The drive is less than an hour each way, but she no longer understands that.  So, when the little venture was mentioned, she refused.  When Mom pointed out that my husband wanted to go, Lyn's tone changed immediately.  Why, of course, we'd go!  If HE wants to go, then we're going.  Why would we consider otherwise.

Mom and I had a chuckle today over this behavior.  Lyn is her Grandmother's descendant, after all and Grandma would have pulled the same thing.  It is a good thing I've never been a jealous wife because Lyn's flirtatious behavior would pose problems.


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