Computer Troubles

After lunch yesterday, Lyn turned to my husband and announced "You know what I'm having trouble with?"  

He looked up and asked a foolish question.  "What?"  

"I can't get into my calendar on my computer."  He nodded his head and walked towards the back of the house.  Lyn assumed he was heading for her room to work on her computer.  With a satisfied expression, she turned to Mom and said "What?  I was subtle."  Mom and I both had to choke back laughter.

My husband came back a few moments later having just gone to wash his hands.  Lyn was already in her room waiting for him.  He realized what was happening and decided to go back to assist so that she didn't have another reason to be mad at us today.  Two minutes later, he was back having fixed the issue.

There was no issue.  Lyn's just forgetting how to open programs on her computer.  He opened the program she wanted and confirmed there was nothing wrong.  It was simple operator error.  He's kind enough to not point that out to her and she was delighted he had done what she wanted.


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