We're Ahead of the Game

My family and I were in Albuquerque for less than a full 24 hours when Lyn pulled out her list titled "To Do" and announced that we had to have a talk about what we were going to do.  She started to go through the list she had compiled.

"I am a good speller" she announced.  She then proceeded to start spelling the words on the list.  I had to parse the letters quickly because didn't pause between the words.  She didn't know what she wanted to do today but we had to make a decision before we progressed any further into Sunday afternoon.  A brief discussion ensued and a decision was made.

Lyn immediately turned to my husband to ask "Is that OK?"  Once she got the approval from my husband, she was content.  She put the list back on the fridge and walked away.  If he had declined, she would have opened up the topic for debate again.

She's out of her schedule and we had tears by noon on Sunday.  I think she was mad that we had said we were not getting blended drinks at Starbucks.  When she had been with us for about an hour yesterday, she came out clenching her stress ball.   I saw her tension and got her to tell me what would make her feel better.  We played a game of memory and she was happy.

I know she's happy that we're here.  She's just going to struggle a bit while we're here.  But as she said, "We're ahead of the game" and have options to enjoy with her.


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