Moving Back Home

Lyn is currently unaware that some changes are about to happen.  They're going to be hard on her, but we'll help her get through them.

Their lovely neighbor is putting her house up for sale at the end of the month and moving back to her home state of Texas to be closer to her family.  She's been exceptionally kind to Lyn ever since she moved into the neighborhood and Lyn often likes to invite the neighbor to join them if they go out to eat or drive up to Santa Fe.

Lyn has been in the disability waiver program for over ten years now.  In that time, she's had only one case manager.  Lyn's case manager has been an important part of Lyn's care ever since Lyn was assigned to her case load.  Lyn has seen her on a monthly basis ever since.  Her case manager has decided to return to her home state of Montana where her family still resides.  She has already sold her house and her move is just a few weeks away.

We have not told Lyn yet of these changes.  It will make it harder on her if she knows for longer.  She will worry and cry about it each day between now and when the events happen.  So, Lyn will be told when the For Sale sign is placed on the neighbor's house and at the team's next monthly meeting.  Neither lady will leave without saying "Good bye."  There is no sneaking away.  We're just trying to delay the inevitable tears a bit.

A new case manager has already been identified for Lyn.  The new case manager is very experienced in this work and was chosen specifically because her own father is currently an Alzheimer's patient.  The hope is that her personal experience with Alzheimer's will provide her with insight into what is happening with Lyn.

So far, Lyn has handled the transition to new respite providers pretty well.  Hopefully, she'll still have some resiliency in dealing with these pending changes.  


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