A Tough Weekend

On Friday, Lyn came down with a massive sinus infection and another ear infection.  The previous infection just two weeks ago had been cleared up and this is in her other ear.  It amazes us how quickly the infections hit her these days.  I really wonder if she's just not aware of the infection building.

She wasn't up for going to day hab and needed to be seen by her doctor that day.  Mom got her in to be seen.  The diagnosis was confirmed and a prescription was ordered.  By the time that Mom got them home, Lyn was ready to fold up.  She did and slept several hours.

Mom has kept Lyn home all weekend and Lyn's spent the weekend sleeping.  Despite being on the needed medication, Lyn's not bouncing back and it looks like she's not going to be up to going to day hab tomorrow.  She's been sleeping until almost 8 each morning, napping from 9 am until at least 11 am, barely eating a lunch and then napping again for several more hours in the afternoon.  She's up for only an hour or two and then bathes and returns to bed for the night.  Mom has commented that Lyn's sleeping on a similar schedule to how she slept as an infant.  Neither of us can recall a time when she's slept more than she's been awake.

Mom cancelled Lyn's speech therapy session for today.   As of Sunday night, she wasn't really showing much improvement and Mom decided to get her seen again by the doctor today.  Hopefully, she'll be back on her feet in a day or two.


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