Fair Encounters

Lyn had a great day at her new day hab.  She was greeted by name when she arrived and threw her hand over her shoulder in a backward wave to Mom, dismissing her.

They went to the State Fair.  While they were near an ice cream vendor, the staff jumped up and physically interposed between Lyn and a man who came out of the crowd to talk to her and attempted to hug her.  It took a moment to sort things out to the staff's comfort.  It turned out the man was our Uncle, Lyn's Godfather and he was with one of our cousins.  The staff don't know him and he didn't think to introduce himself to them.  Knowing him, he spotted her and just came up to visit with her.  Once the relationship was clarified, the staff relaxed a bit but kept a wary eye on him until he and our cousin said their good byes and headed off.

I have to laugh over the images this story caused in my mind.  I can see him doing this and not realizing that he should probably set a bit of context for the people around Lyn first.  He loves Lyn and would think nothing of popping over to hug her anytime he sees her.  He is a tall, weather-worn man who can be a bit gruff sometimes.  The staff was completely right to try to protect Lyn from someone they didn't know or recognize as safe or acceptable.

As they walked around some more, Lyn ran into a group from her previous day hab.  The two groups recognized each other and the previous day hab staff greeted Lyn by name.  One even hugged her.  None asked her questions or did anything that made her upset.  The encounter was very brief as well.

When Mom picked Lyn up, she was bubbly and excited.  She had a great day and the encounters added to the excitement of the day for her.  She is looking forward to tomorrow.

Moving Lyn was the right decision and it looks like this facility is a great match for her needs.


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