A Visit to the BioPark

On Monday, Mom took Lyn and a couple of cousins to the BioPark there in town.  Lyn wasn't feeling her best because of the ear infection, but she was patient and accommodating to their company.

She took full advantage of each bench that was available and would quietly sit and wait for them to move to the next lovely thing to look at when they were in the gardens.  She enjoyed watching the butterflies but the plants really don't excite her.

When they entered the aquarium, Mom grew a little concerned about how Lyn would handle the darkened ramps through parts of the exhibit.  Lyn's good day was in full effect and she was able to navigate them without anxiety or real hesitation.  She was present mentally and looked at each exhibit, pointing out fish that she liked.  However, Mom noted that she'd disconnect and wait for their little group to move forward fairly quickly.

I suspect our little cousin was a distraction to her and that she enjoyed watching the child as much as the fish.  The child had never been to the BioPark before and wanted to see everything all at once due to excitement.  Lyn was patient and quiet, allowing the visit to progress peacefully.  By the end, she was worn out.  They hadn't planned to go anywhere else and returned home so Lyn could nap.


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