Changing TV Habits

Lyn's television viewing seems to be changing.  Mom and I are a bit amused and a bit confused by it.

Lyn has long watched Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy and PBR.  She doesn't watch PBR much any more.      She also has long watched Cops.  I never realized before, but I think she likes the tension and drama. Her newest television favorite is The Maury Povich Show.  She now asks Mom if they can watch the show because she wants "to see if he's the baby daddy."

She watches and comments on the guests' attire.  She doesn't approve of the big earrings or revealing clothing.  She comments on the fighting.  She disapproves of fighting and bad words.  She comments on the twerking.  She disapproves of it too.

She cannot keep track of the relationships or the drama being explained.  Mom sees her expression go slack when the people are seated and talking.  She just responds to the high action and drama.  I think that's also why she continues watching Cops.  She doesn't have to follow a plot; just provide color commentary to the action.

We don't know how she's come to know of the Maury show.  However, it makes us laugh that she enjoys it.


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