Team Changes

In this month's team meeting, Lyn's case manager broke the news that she's returning to her home state and introduced Lyn to the new case manager.  Lyn's reaction was nothing we've ever seen before.

Lyn just nodded.  When Mom commented with a "Boy, she'll be cold up there", Lyn just agreed that it is cold in MT.  There was no other reaction and has been none the rest of the week.  We don't know if Lyn understands, but through out the meeting, her face kept going blank.  She was physically in the room but not mentally there.

This month's meeting is the last time that Lyn will see her original case manager.  She made no farewell.  We anticipated tears and confusion.  We, of course, will support her if she does grieve the loss of a familiar face.  I'm not sure we'll experience it though.  I'm not sure she can process the change.

We will see what happens with next month's team meeting.


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