New Day at a New Day Hab

Lyn starts with her new day hab today.  She is very excited!

She will have a busy day meeting new people.  Both the staff and the clients are mostly new to her.  Lyn may not remember it, but some of the clients are people that she has previously known from Special Olympics or school.  New dynamics will have to be worked out as Lyn settles into a new routine.

Her first day is looking to be a good one because she will have a trip to the State Fair.  Tomorrow, she'll participate in a cooking class.  She likes the schedule that the staff has provided and that it is set for a full month.  She's consulted it many times already and knows that the day's activity will not be changed out on her as a result of someone's whim.

Mom feels as though a weight has been lifted.  The change in day hab won't stop the tears that are a natural part of Alzheimer's.  However, we believe the staff won't be instigating them either.  That alone is a huge and positive change.

Tonight, I'll check on them and see if the day went as well as we hope.


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